Unexpected Outcomes

Well, this is an unusual post for me to write, the likes of which I’ve never done before. After over two years in business, I took a deep look at the picture of my life, and found that running a product-driven business alone, while also working full time and being a single mother of two […]

Whole Ingredients

I noticed something, earlier tonight when I was scanning Etsy for items I love. (As I habitually do. Etsy actually has a great interface, similar to Pinterest, if you’re into that.) I saw something very pretty and appealing, a skincare oil that had nice packaging. I was psyched to check out the ingredients, because if […]


Hi. I wanted to check in, because I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog and Facebook lately. I’ve been adjusting to yet another new way of life. I was offered a full time graphic design job at a local print shop, and another position with a small newspaper. I also was working on a freelance […]