Hi. I wanted to check in, because I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog and Facebook lately. I’ve been adjusting to yet another new way of life. I was offered a full time graphic design job at a local print shop, and another position with a small newspaper. I also was working on a freelance design project for a long time client, while also working on divorce paperwork, taxes, dodging calls from bill collectors, and trying to have an actual family life.

These things happen. We all go through times when we feel like it’s getting heaped on us too thickly. Sometimes these phases come with health problems and deaths in the family as well, yipeee!

Well, I managed to breathe through it, and am now left with a healthier balance. A full time job, a part time Etsy shop, still some divorce and tax paperwork, the ability to pay bills, rather than dodge calls, and a thriving, extremely cuddly family life.

You may have noticed that the Etsy shop was in vacation mode recently. That was due to an extreme need for sleep. Now sleep’s been had, and I’m back in biz. Bring it!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. xo


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