Whole Ingredients

deodI noticed something, earlier tonight when I was scanning Etsy for items I love. (As I habitually do. Etsy actually has a great interface, similar to Pinterest, if you’re into that.)

I saw something very pretty and appealing, a skincare oil that had nice packaging. I was psyched to check out the ingredients, because if it was genuinely simple, with no weird synthetic skin tighteners, synthetic fragrances, or weird horrific preservatives, it might truly be worth emulating in my own formulas.

Turns out, it was, and I was so happy to see it, because it proves that there are others out there that share a passion for simple things, and a certainty that they’re superior, and worth a bit of a premium.

I recently introduced my new deodorant sticks, and I’ve had a few customers ask me for more detail on the benefits of this new product. Now that the dust has settled from the product launch, I can now delve in and really rave about its (whole ingredient) coolness.

Top 6 Reasons to Love These New Stick Deodorants!

1. No mess. Swipe it on and go.

2. If you don’t shave your underarms, you can use them to sort of, style your armpit hair. (Go with the grain.)

3. Bentonite clay. This is truly awesome stuff. I’m not a doctor, and not allowed to claim I found a cure for anything, but after reading this, I feel like there’s no harm in applying it where your lymph nodes are located.

4. Less melt factor. These contain a mix of coconut oil and candelilla wax, and will hold up at a higher temperature. The exact temperature for the beginning of meltdown is yet to be seen (as I live in hell Massachusetts), but I’m thinking it’s somewhere around 92 degrees.

5. All the same odor fighting and wetness absorption of the creams you’ve been loving all along! Yes, they’re tested by stinky old me, and I consistently wake up smelling fresh.

6. Whole ingredients. Natural stuffs from nature. No weirdness, no synthetics, no aluminum.


Thank you for enduring my sales pitch! ❤



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