The Year in Business

As a chronic entrepreneur, it seems fair that I should update anyone who might be interested, on what the last year has been like, as far as entrepreneurial adventure goes.


That’s about it. Yeah, it seems like the changes that occurred over the last year have left me with a lot of brain mush. I’m having a very hard time concentrating, and therefore, I fumbled through the last year, business-wise.


Look at me, not making deodorant. All summer long!

What that meant for me is that I put aside my usual ambition of being my own boss, I took the summer off from Etsy, and I got a full time job. Two of them, actually. I worked a job at a print shop for a couple of months (was massively underpaid) and then was hired at a really nice place, to be a project manager. My father was a project manager, and now, so am I.

My brain is slowly starting to reactivate after having 2 babies, several jobs, a divorce, a new relationship, and a move. I see that largely, project management is a lot like life, especially if you have kids. At home I am in an almost constant state of working to maintain peace, security and order. So why not just do that at work too, and get paid for it? It’s simple, really.

He's cute, smart AND he takes (deodorant) orders.

He’s cute, funny, smart AND he takes (deodorant) orders.

I’ve decided to restrict my duties for the Etsy shop to those that allow me to sit on my ass. My lovely partner, Sabato helps me with the fulfillment duties, photography and business planning. If I’m going to pay someone, it might as well be someone who’s part of my family, and who couldn’t be more deserving.

Letting go of my control-freak ways (because I had to), combined with carefully communicating what was REALLY needed to another human being (without trying to impress them, risking hearing that they don’t like it, etc), allowed me to trust someone enough to handle my dreams.

The keyword for the last year in business has been REALLY. What is really needed, right now? What will really get me where I really want to be? I found that asking and answering those questions helped me achieve some serious focus, and ability to just do what wasn’t just going to make money, what was going to make me COMFORTABLE… FAST.

I’d definitely recommend taking an approach like that, and am really wishing I’d have thought to think about that earlier in my career. Oh well…

So, as the year is winding down, I’m trying to think about what to make next year look like. I feel I might be ready to get a little creative, and try some new products for the Etsy shop. I’m thinking bentonite clay deodorant sticks (I will never understand why people are skeeved out by touching their own armpits) that are housed in cool, eco-friendly tubes. Samples are in the mail, so that ball will be rolling soon. Wish me luck, and good luck to you!


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