Giveaway! Win a free Clove Bud and Orange Deodorant and Body Butter

I’m not usually excited about Fall. For me it’s always meant memories of going back to school, winter right around the corner, and shorter days.

Now though, things have changed. Back to school is for my kids, not me, whew! I recently bought the warmest coat I’ve ever seen (2 layers of down!), and shorter days just mean an excuse to hunker down with a cozy blanket and space heater.

This year I’m inspired by Fall. So I came up with this mix, Clove Bud and Orange. It’s warm and spicy, and reminds me of making clove oranges when I was young.

So hey, how about a giveaway! CLICK HERE TO ENTER VIA RAFFLECOPTER!


11 thoughts on “Giveaway! Win a free Clove Bud and Orange Deodorant and Body Butter

  1. Running and jumping in a pile of leaves as a little kid. It was so much fun to mess up the neat and tidy pile my parents just made.

  2. My favorite fall memory is jumping in leaf piles!
    The air is so crisp and cold but your body is warmed up from all the running and jumping.

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  4. Living in Florida doesn’t leave a whole lot of traditional fall memories but my favorite are the cool windy fall nights that I spent outside just because of the cool weather!

  5. My favorite fall memory would be from when I was a little girl and my dad would take us to the park and we would walk on the paths with him and then go play!

  6. I loved raking leaves with my brother during the fall! We always thought it was fun and my parents would give us $2 each. 😛

  7. Favorite Fall Memory…. I never liked hot weather, so once Fall hit I would happily go to my closet and bust out all my cold weather clothes, then go shopping and bask in the glory of buying even more sweaters, hats, boots, scarves in order to prepare myself (fashionably of course), for cold evenings, drinking apple cider and going on hay rides to hunt down the perfect pumpkin in my perfect Fall outfit!

  8. My favorite fall memory is of going to a local orchard, and picking apples each year- and all the baking, and cooking we would do with them.

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