Show Season

I started my shop almost a year ago. When I made the decision to make and sell products, I was excited at the prospect of selling at the flea markets and festivals where I shop.  There’s a certain sense of community at these types of things that really reminds us that we’re human, and we’re all connected. I love being part of that feeling.

In the colder months, these events are bit few and far between, but I happily spent last Saturday at an indoor function, the Western Mass Cloth Diaper Swap & Shop, held by the awesome ladies of Simple Diaper & Linen.








This was my first show for 2014. I’m pretty amped to get out into the circuit this year, now that I have a few under my belt. It seems to get easier each time. There’s something very fulfilling in meeting my customers face to face, sharing tips and stories. They’re good people, these cloth diapering ones.  ❤


Thank you Sabato Visconti of Sabatobox for the lovely photography.


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