So many ways to use this stuff.

Something that people might not realize, is that my products are good for more uses than what’s on the labels. Here are some interesting tidbits that might be useful to you:

hippie-hineyThe Honey Hiney and Hippie Hiney are not just good for treating diaper rashes, they can treat just about any kind of skin irritation. I also use them as a moisturizing facial mask, and for oil cleansing. Also, I put it on my feet before bed when sick, for detox, and to prevent coughing. You can also use Breakout’s Broken the same way.

sandalwood-orange_balm_NEWI use the Body Balm as a facial moisturizer in the winter (the only one that gets rid of my flaky patches), and I also use a tiny bit to control frizzy hair. It also works well for oil cleansing. Same goes for my Wild Hair Curl Creme.

amber-vanilla_deod_NEWThe Deodorant is an awesome microdermabrasion scrub! Just massage into skin, then soak a washcloth in hot water. Drape the cloth over face and neck, let the steam open pores, then gently wipe the scrub off. Your skin will be unbelievably smooth and moisturized. It’s also great for preventing stinky feet.

potion_2_biggerI have stretch marks galore from having two babies. My Potion #2 and #3 are fabulous for tightening loose skin and lightening those marks. They also work well on burns and skin irritations.

I’d be curious if any of y’all have found some good alternative uses for my products. Let me know, m’kay?


PS: Thank you to everyone who entered the Post-Holiday Freshness Giveaway, and congratulations to the winner, Paula Mathews. Thanks for participating, and stay tuned, there will be another one soon!


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