Haggard, I’d describe it as haggard.

My skin, that is. This time of year. It just looks like a new mama feels; spread pretty thin and just functioning as best as one can under the circumstances.  I live in the northeast. The air is very dry, and the water is very hard. Plus, I am pale as can be this time of year. No tan to hide under, so every imperfection is out there for the world to see.

I probably shouldn’t really ever say these kinds of words, considering I make and sell beauty and anti-aging products, but we all have our less than graceful moments, and this time of year is one of mine.

That said, I am particularly happy with this one little ingredient, called Tamanu Oil, which is in my Potion #2 (facial moisturizer) and my Breakout’s Broken (acne treatment).  This morning I was just looking at my old, tired face, and I slathered an extra layer of that stuff on my face and around my eyes after applying my Potion, and I have to say, I was pretty encouraged. All day I was busy with my son, taking him from one activity to another (looking at ice hockey gear at Dicks, drooling over video games at Gamestop, playing black-light mini golf, you know I’m living the glam life!). Every time I glanced at my face in the rear view mirror, I was pleasantly surprised. That stuff was making me look dewy. Summertime dewy. To achieve dewy this time of year is pulling off a major coup.


This is what tamanu nuts look like, hanging from a tamanu tree.Those are some satiny leaves.

So, I decided to offer a little variation to my Potion #2 in my shop, and include an option for an extra heaping helping of Tamanu Oil if that’s something you’d be interested in. 🙂 Click here to see. 🙂

Here are some interesting tidbits of info about that wonder ingredient:

  • – It comes from the tamanu nut, which is found in tropical countries.
  • – It’s hands-down my favorite remedy for puffy eyes.
  • – It accelerates wound healing (burns and cuts) because it promotes the formation of new, healthy tissue.
  • – It’s an excellent anti-aging treatment, for the same reason as above.
  • – It’s an amazingly effective acne treatment! It helps acne while moisturizing your skin.
  • – Tamanu Oil contains something called Sc Glucan which provides natural UV protection, and it prevents 85 % of the DNA damage and oxidative stress induced by UV radiation at 1% concentration as a new biological UV filter with a SPF 18-22. (Eur J Pharm. Sci 2007 Mar;30(3-4):203-10. Epub 2006 Nov 9).
  • – It protects against insect bites.
  • – It reduces scarring.
  • – It’s anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-acne, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-tumor (due to 4-Phenylcoumarins from Calophyllum for the fact-driven),
    anti, anti, anti, anti, anti, anti your butt right off!
  • – It’s hypoallergenic.
  • – It’s a cool, gooey green in texture/color. (sorry I just had to throw that in there).

So tomorrow the temperature is slated to be around a strangely-balmy 51 degrees, then back down to 11 degrees for the night. WTF New England?


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